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Applying for your SIA Licence

Once you have passed your training course you can apply for your SIA licence. It takes roughly four to six weeks from the day you send your application to receive your SIA licence.

The SIA will verify your details and conduct a DBS criminality check. Once this has been done the SIA will make a decision to grant your SIA licence and you will receive it in the post. The SIA licence is valid for three years and you must renew it at the end of the three years.

How to apply for your SIA licence

To apply for your SIA licence you must register for the E-fill service on the SIA website. Fill out the online form on the SIA website and then print it off. Once you have printed it take it to a post office which can submit the application to the SIA with your necessary documents. The post office will

1. Check your documents and return them to you

2. Take a digital photo and digital signature from you

3. Take the payment of the licence application fee (£220)

The applicants details are sent to the SIA by the post office and the SIA will begin the licensing process. This makes the license application process easier and cheaper.

Follow this link to register yourself for the E-fill and complete the SIA licence application. Click the button marked ‘register / login to fill in your application online’.

Follow this link  for more information and to apply for your SIA licence.

Follow this link to search for your nearest Post office that can complete the SIA licence application. Don’t forget to select SIA licence from the ‘service required’ tab.


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