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Door Supervisor Course

door supervisor course, Upskilling Course

07/04/2016 – 10/04/2016

£120.00 £110.00

21/04/2016 – 24/04/2016

£120.00 £110.00

07/04/2016 – 10/04/2016

£120.00 £110.00

21/04/2016 – 24/04/2016

£120.00 £110.00

The door supervisor course allows you to work as a security guard on any premises that needs security. It is the most popular security course available, because it offers the widest range of work.

To work in the security industry it is a legal requirement to have an SIA licence. If you are caught working without an SIA licence you can receive a £5000 fine and 6 months in prison.

Why complete the Door Supervisor Course?

To work as a Door Supervisor/Security Guard you must have an SIA Door Supervisor licence, issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

The SIA are a government body, who regulate the security industry. To get an SIA Door Supervisor licence ,you must first complete the Door Supervisor course. Once you have passed the Door Supervisor course you can apply for your SIA licence. Once you have the licence you are ready to work in the security industry.

Where can I work with a Door Supervisor licence?


The short answer would be: you can work anywhere with a Door Supervisor licence. With a Door Supervisor licence, you can work on licensed and unlicensed premises. A licensed premises is one which alcohol is served for example: pubs, clubs, hotels, casinos, sports stadiums, theatres, restaurants, festivals, parties and other events.


Unlicensed premises, on the other hand, would be a museum, office or construction site, no alcohol is served. Some facilities prefer to have Door Supervisor licensed individuals for unlicensed premises for example; many supermarkets insist on employing guards with Door Supervisor licences, because they are better equipped to deal with difficult scenarios than those with the Security Guarding Licence.

What does the Door Supervisor Course involve?

This course covers your roles and responsibilities as a Door Supervisor. What you should and shouldn’t be doing on the job. The first module is a general module on the security industry which outlines some of the law you should be aware of and other things like basic first aid and fire safety. The second module is the main module for the Door Supervisor course which specifies what it is to work as a Door Supervisor. The third module is based on managing and reducing conflict in the workplace so that you can use good communication to manage conflict. The final module is Physical Intervention in which you will learn SIA approved techniques to deal with difficult situations in a legal manner when all attempts at communication fail.

door supervisor course, Upskilling Course
p5 Timing – 09:00 – 18:30
p5 Duration – 4 days

Assessment – 4 multiple choice exams and a practical assessment

What must I bring? – photographic ID and proof of address

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