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Door Supervisor Courses - Other Options Aside from Door Supervisor Courses

Door supervisor courses represent just one of the options that are available to you in relation to the security industry. Before you book the course in question, it is worth considering the other SIA training options that are available to you, as there may be a career path that is better suited to you that you haven’t yet considered. Read on to discover more.

One option to consider is CCTV training, which is designed for people who want to have a career as a CCTV operator. Once you have this licence, you will have the ability to monitor and work with CCTV camera systems that oversee any public spaces. For example, you could work for the local council or a busy shopping centre. The options are extensive. Another popular option is a security guarding course. Once you have completed this, you will have the ability to work on unlicensed premises. This includes universities, banks, and construction sites. Please note that you cannot work on licensed premises with this course. If you wish to do so, a door supervisor course is advised. If you take the security guarding course you will learn about what you should and should not be doing on the job. It will also cover information on good communication, managing conflict, what it is to work as a guard and other things you need to be aware of, such as basic first aid. There is then the upskilling training for those who have been impacted by the new assessment rules that recently came into place regarding training to become a door supervisor.

At Security Works, we have a wide assortment of security training options available, including door supervisor courses. Once you have completed your training, we certainly don’t simply say goodbye and leave you to it. We help you to fill out your application form to get your SIA licence. To discover more about our service, head to