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Door Supervisor Training – Is It Right For You?

Door supervisor training may be something you are considering if you want a job in the security industry. Nevertheless, you do need to think carefully when determining whether this is the right type of SIA training for you, as there are many options available.

A door supervisor course is necessary so you can achieve your door supervision licence, which is vital if you want to be a Door Supervisor. Another requirement is being over the age of 18 years old. As a door supervisor, your role is to check whether people are suitable to enter a venue, such as a nightclub, bar, pub, or any other licensed premises. You don’t only need to concern yourself with who you let in the premises, but you are responsible for the safety of the people inside as well. You will need to have diplomacy and tact, as you may find yourself diffusing conflict situations and so you must be able to talk to people in a way that can diffuse conflict. In addition to this, if you want to take door supervisor training, you must be someone who knows how to remain calm in troubling situations and has great people skills. Your duties can involve asking people for identification or proof of age, ensuring people have kept to the dress code for the event, stopping queue jumping and crushing and patrolling inside and outside of the venue. Other duties may include collecting tickets from people entering the building, searching bags for items that are prohibited, dealing with emergencies, stopping trouble and escorting people out of the venue. You will also need to be able to co-operate with management, and sometimes first aiders and the police.

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