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How to impress an Employer

Congratulations! you’ve passed the first hurdle and you’ve got yourself an interview, now it’s time for you to impress your future employer and show them you’ve got what they are looking for in a Security Guard. Here are some pointers to help you prepare for that all important interview:

Dress the part – Rightly or wrongly people do judge on appearances and if you turn up in a pair of jeans and a t shirt, you’ll be remembered – for all the wrong reasons. That doesn’t mean to say you need to spend a fortune and buy a designer label, you can buy suits from the high street at reasonable prices, and you’ll be noticed because you’ve made the effort to wear one. Wear shoes and make sure they are polished too, it’s no good making the effort and then forgetting about your feet! Make sure your hair is tidy and you are well kept.

Making the effort with your appearance tells an employer that you take pride in yourself and that you are likely to do the same when you are wearing the company uniform. Don’t forget when you are working, you represent the company and they want to keep their good reputation.

Be Confident – Make eye contact when you are being interviewed, because not doing so is a big signal to the person who is interviewing you that you are not confident and for a security guard this is essential. Talk about your training and if this is your first job, explain what you have learnt and you believe you have the qualities that are needed. If you are asked why you want to be a security guard, don’t forget to say that you prefer a job that isn’t necessarily nine to five, that you enjoy change and you are a people person.

Find out about the company – Find out where they operate in your town and if you can, pay the places a visit, so you can say at the interview that you have seen the Security Guards at work. Look them up on the internet, so that if they have a blog or a newsletter, you can say that you have seen it.

Don’t forget your experience – If you’ve never worked as a security guard, that doesn’t mean to say you haven’t any experience to offer your employer. If you have worked behind a bar, then you know what bars and nightclubs are like. If you worked in a supermarket you will have seen how security guards work. Working with people and being aware of the importance of customer service is something that will impress a future employer.

Try to relax and be yourself, if you have written good CV, you look presentable and you really want to do the job, this will shine through in your interview and help you to get the job. Good Luck!


November 30, 2014

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