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New SIA application process

The old process for applying for and receiving your licence involved completing a paper based application form and then sending off valuable ID like your passport to the SIA head office. You would then have to wait for the SIA to send your ID back to you and make a decision as to whether or not they will grant your licence.

The SIA have recently stopped accepting the paper based applications and have updated the SIA licence application process. It is now an online process, once you have passed your security qualification you are ready to apply for your SIA licence. Please remember that you do not need to have your certificate of qualification to apply for your SIA licence. There is no certificate reference number to be used when applying for the SIA licence. You must access this page to register yourself to complete the online form for your SIA licence.

NOTE: The SIA website is only completely compatible with Internet explorer 7,8 or 9 if you have a different browser you may have to make some adjustments to achieve compatibility. If you look at the top of the page with the login details you will see a guide to making your browser compatible. Follow that and you should be fine.

You will be expected to fill in details about yourself e.g. address history and personal details – Once you have successfully completed the SIA licence online form you will get a reference number. Note down this reference number, it is very important because it is what you and the SIA will use to track your SIA licence application.

You must take some documents with you to apply for your SIA licence. These documents will be the same as the ones you use to start your course with Security Works. You must take either one group A document and two group B documents or two group A documents. This must always include some proof of address. Follow the link below to see what we mean by group A and group B documents.

So as an example a valid passport of any nationality and 2 proofs of address would be sufficient because you have given one group A and two group B documents. You could even give a valid passport of any nationality plus a valid UK driving licence. This would be two group A documents. It’s always good to take extra documents to the post office just in case.

Once you have got to the post office you will be asked to give you reference number and your documents. The post office will then scan them and verify the copies, once they have done this they will give them back to you. This saves having to send any valuable documents to the SIA which is a big advantage of the new online SIA licence application system. The post office will then take a picture of you and will take an electronic signature from you along with payment for the SIA licence. From that point you have completed your part and the post office will then go on to process your application and the SIA will issue your licence and you will have it within a matter of weeks. Then you will be ready to work in the security industry!

Charlotte Jennings, Deputy Director Operations of the SIA, said:

“At the SIA we are committed to providing an easier, cheaper and quicker licensing service to all our customers. Ending the outdated paper-based applications is a crucial step in achieving that.

We at Security Works agree that the new process is a lot more efficient because it eliminates the down time associated with postage and there is no risk to your valuable documents. The new process also saves the applicant the cost of a passport photograph. We are sure that the new SIA licence application process will be welcomed by all those applying for an SIA licence.


November 30, 2014

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