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New Year – new career

Happy New Year! To everyone from the team at Security Works.

So 2014 is upon us and people are making New Year’s resolutions. People want to work harder at something, finish forgotten projects, and exercise more. How about learning a new skill which you can use to forge a career for yourself? If you have been made redundant from your old job, you just want a change from your current job, or are just looking to make an extra income you could try a career in the security industry.

Completely changing your job can be quite daunting but it definitely is possible. We have trained many people in the past who have come from a wide variety of jobs. They have successfully secured jobs in the security industry. In our experience people have changed to security from jobs as chefs, waiters, cleaners, drivers, hotel staff, construction workers, office workers, retail staff and many other different jobs.

The worry most people have when trying to change to a career in the security industry is that they do not have any security experience so how will they get a job in the security industry because many jobs ask for you to have experience. Here at Security Works we find that this is a common concern people have when they are considering doing a door supervisor or CCTV or any other security course. However we always give the same answer firstly everybody in the security industry started out the same way, they needed to get an SIA licence first and then go out and find work in the security industry. People have done it, it is possible to get a job without security experience. As with any job if you come across to employers as well organised and responsible then they will give you a chance to prove yourself.

It’s not always true to say that you don’t have any experience when applying for a security job. If you are going for a job in retail security and you have worked in retail in the past then you can go to an employer and tell them that while you may not have security experience you have good retail experience so you know what the challenges are in a retail store. The same goes for working security on a construction site, if you have worked in the construction industry then you have some valuable experience of that particular site. Even if you don’t have relevant experience think about the skills you have developed through your work and personal life. Are you responsible? Punctual? Trustworthy? If you are these things how can you prove it? When was the last time you were placed in a great position of trust? All of these things can help when applying for a job.

Here at Security Works the best advice we give to someone when looking for a job is that once you have your SIA licence go to the kind of venues you want to find work with and ask the security staff there about the kind of work that they do and what company employs them. Then approach the various security companies, go to their head offices and introduce yourself. Many people we have trained have followed this advice and been successful in securing a job.

July 11, 2014

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