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Job in Security Industry – No Experience – No Job?

One of the questions we often get asked here at Security Works is:

“I have no experience in the security industry how will I get a job?”

This is a very valid question and we completely understand people’s concerns when they ask this. We understand that when people do any kind of course (be it a security course or even a degree) they are worried that they will spend money on training/education but then not get the benefit of a job from it.

Our answer to this question is always the same and that is that there is a lot of work out there in the security industry and a great need for a variety of security officers to fill the various posts. Sometimes people have more experience than they realise but they just don’t know it. The beauty of working in the security industry is that the work is as varied as the entire UK job market. Almost every type of business needs some type of security for example supermarkets, retail stores, hospitals, museums, offices, construction sites and hotels. If you have any experience of work at all in a place that requires security you can quite easily get an SIA licence and then find a job in one of those types of site. For example if you have worked in retail you could quite easily find a job working as a retail security guard or if you have worked at all in the construction industry you could quite easily find work in the field of construction security. Sometimes you need to capitalise on your previous experiences to find that job you are looking for in the security industry.

Even if you have never worked in an environment that needed security you can still use any skills you have developed in the workplace to your advantage when looking for a job in the security industry. Employers in the security industry are looking for people that are professional, punctual, focused on customer service and have excellent communication skills. These are all known as transferable skills and can be developed in any job. If you can secure a job interview and can demonstrate that you have these skills you can comfortably secure a job in the security industry.

So what about people that have never worked a job at all and have no experience of work and no evidence transferable skills? If you can secure a job interview and demonstrate that you are competent and keen to work, security companies will give you a chance. You can talk in interview about the security training you have received and what it taught you about the industry you wish to work in. Research the company you are applying for and the job you want to do and demonstrate this knowledge. If you struggle to secure an interview be sure to visit open days and recruitment days. Some security companies use these to recruit new staff and this can be a good way to meet people. On another note it always helps to talk to people working in the security industry for example at the supermarket or at offices you will see security guards you can talk to and ask for advice. They can inform you of people recruiting and people you need to talk to about getting into work.

At Security Works we pride ourselves on giving advice to our students on how to get a job in the security industry, many of the people we train have no experience of working in the security industry and yet those that go out and make a real effort to find work have successfully found work in the security industry. The kind of help we offer is giving advice as to what companies are hiring security staff and we also work alongside other security companies and recommend staff to them. Just look at our testimonial and success stories section to see stories of those that found work in the security industry.

Ultimately any course you do will be an investment within yourself and as with any investment it must be made wisely. You must decide whether a career in the security industry is for you and whether you can make the best of your investment by securing yourself a job in the security industry.

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November 30, 2014

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