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Security SIA Training – How To Find The Best Training Provider

Security SIA training is a must for anyone that wants to make it in the industry. Irrespective of whether you are interested in becoming a CCTV operator, or a door supervisor, you need to attain your licence. This all begins with finding the best security training provider. Read on to discover how to do so.

The first thing you need to look out for is experience. Make sure the company has been in operation for a considerable number of years, as you don’t want a group of people that are effectively going to be learning on the job. They should also have a wide assortment of different courses for you to choose from, for example, door supervisor training, bodyguard courses, first aid training and much, much more. They should not simply provide you with SIA training and leave you to it either – they should help you to apply for your licence once you have completed your course. The best companies will have all of the details about applying for the licence on their website, making it much easy for you. At this point, it would be beneficial to note that you will need to renew your licence every three years. In addition to this, you should take the time to read reviews that have been left by previous customers. This is the best way to get a truthful picture in regards to the level of quality you are likely to experience. If you come across a lot of negative comments, you know to look elsewhere.

One training provider that ticks all of the boxes is Security Works. If you are interested in security SIA training, there is no one better. All of our course providers are experienced and work in the security industry, and we help you to obtain your licence and secure a job after the training has taken place. Find out more at