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Security Training Course - Options When Choosing A Security Training Course

Security training course options are available in abundance, and it is vital to know the different courses you have at your disposal before you make your decision regarding which one to go on. But don’t fret; this won’t take a lot of research, as we have outlined everything you need to know below.

The four main roles in this industry are a security guard, bodyguard, CCTV operator and door supervisor. A bodyguard, otherwise known as a close protection officer, will ensure the safety of their clients. They often work with high profile people, not only celebrities, but also high net worth individuals and political figures. You will need to identify the risks and potential threats to ensure you provide your client with ultimate security and you will often accompany them wherever they go. You could be dealing with everything from enthusiastic fans to terrorists. A CCTV operator is responsible for guarding premises in some instances, or in other cases, they must observe screens to look out for anything that appears untoward. A CCTV operator must have complete knowledge of the area in question with impeccable analytical skills and a good understanding of body language. You may also want to take a SIA training course to become a door supervisor. You will be responsible for determining who is permitted entrance to premises whilst also ensuring the safety of those inside. A guard for security purposes is someone who has the duty to protect a particular place and enforce its rules – this could be anything from a retail store to government offices.

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