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Ten Qualities All Security Operatives Must Have

People often ask: “what do I need to be a good security operative?” Well you may have received your SIA licence but there are many qualities employers are looking for when employing new security staff. Even if you don’t have any experience in the security industry, if you have these following qualities you can go far in the security industry. Read on to see what employers are looking for when recruiting security staff like Door Supervisors and CCTV operatives.


Working as a security operative you will often be placed in a position of trust and it is vital that you do not take advantage of that trust. You will often find yourself guarding high value items and even taking care of entire buildings. Your reputation as a security guard will depend on your honesty.

Self- Discipline

Working as a Security Guard or Door Supervisor you may find yourself dealing with difficult situations for example you may have to ask someone to stop breaking a rule of your workplace. You may also find yourself working to calm conflict situations. It is very important that are able to constantly remain calm and not react in a negative way. During your Door Supervisor training and other Security Guard training with Security Works you will learn about how people respond to conflict and how to manage and reduce conflict.

Approachable and Courteous

Being a Door Supervisor or Security Guard you will be dealing with the public which is not an easy job and you should be approachable and courteous to everyone you meet. It is important that people feel safe in your care and that they know they can come to you if they have any concerns whatsoever. Even if you cannot help them you can direct them to where they need to go to find help. During your Door Supervisor training and other Security Guard training with Security Works you will learn about being approachable, for example you should smile and acknowledge customers when dealing with them.


Working as a Door Supervisor you may find yourself trying to calm down to people arguing. They could be customers or even members of staff. It is important that you are fair to both parties and do your best to come up with a win-win situation for both people so that everyone becomes happy with the outcome. This can be difficult to achieve but sometimes just listening to and talking calmly to both parties can help to resolve the situation. Sometimes you will have to stop someone from doing something because of your venue’s security policy. Acting as a fair Security Guard you can look for a way to keep them pleased. For example someone may not be allowed into a nightclub because they do not meet the dress code. If they have been queuing for a long time a fair Door Supervisor will allow them to go home and get changed, then come back to the club and get in without queuing.


As a Security Guard or Door Supervisor you should always be aware of the atmosphere around you and alert to any problems that may arise. For example as a Security Guard you may be looking out for theft in a retail store. You may even be working as a security guard at an airport and so you must always be alert and aware for any terrorist activities. You could even be working as a Door Supervisor at a busy night club and so you will be constantly alert for people that are too drunk or breaching house rules. Different places of work will have different security risks and you will grow to be aware of them and be able to spot them before they happen.  When you complete your Door Supervisor course with Security Works you will learn some of the things you must look out for when working in the security industry.

A Good Communicator

A Security Guard or Door Supervisor, not only has to be able to communicate effectively with their employer, but also with their clients. While working as a security operative you may have to relay messages or you may have to know important security related information. You must also be able to communicate in a positive way to people around you when working so as to create a good impression for your venue. You may have a number of tools to aid your communication for example you may use a radio or you may even or other electronic devices to communicate.


Working as a Security guard you will often be placed in positions of great responsibility and you will be expected to be able to make sensible decisions yourself, especially when looking after high value items. Sometimes it will be up to you to help with the smooth operation of the venue you are working for. For example as a Door Supervisor you are in control of the entry into the venue so you must use your initiative to ensure that dangerous or unwelcome people do not get into the venue.


Working in the security industry you will often be in trusted with important information for example security codes and locations of keys etc. It is very important that you do not leak this information. You will find that people want access to this information, even people from the media may ask for it. It is very important that you never tell anyone this kind of information.


While working as a Security Operative you will sometimes tell people things that they don’t always want to hear and they may ask of you to do things that you are not allowed to do. It is important that you do your best to try to imagine yourself in the position of the customer because sometimes the customer doesn’t always understand what can be done for them. When talking to the customer remember to be polite and diplomatic so as to not cause any negative feelings.


This is probably the most important quality for Security Operatives. If you do all of the above then you can be classed as a professional. To be professional you must know all of your duties and perform them to the best of your ability. You must also be aware of your surroundings so that you can help customers. For example you should make an effort to know local things like transport links and cash machines.


By completing your SIA training with Security Works you will learn how to develop these skills and others. This means that once you are working you will be well prepared for  a career in the security industry.

June 24, 2014

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