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The benefits of learning First Aid

Picture the scene – you are working as a security guard and all of a sudden someone nearby collapses. What are you supposed to do? Everybody around you is looking at you expecting you to do something, you are the security guard after all. So do you

a) Start to panic and make the situation worse?


b) Provide treatment to the patient while remaining calm and calling for an ambulance?

The answer is obvious, a responsible and reliable security guard will provide treatment and get help for the patient. This is not always easy and if you are not trained to deal with these emergencies then it may be difficult for you to remain calm and provide any First Aid treatment.

While working in the security industry you will often find yourself in customer facing roles and while dealing with the public there may be challenges and emergencies. As a security guard you may be expected to deal with these emergencies. You are placed in a position of responsibility. By doing First Aid you will learn the skills you need to be able to provide treatment to people in many different situations.

Another good reason to complete a First Aid course as a security guard or door supervisor is that employers highly value the ability to be able to provide First Aid. Imagine that you are an employer and you have two identical CVs, both are fairly similar in experience and ability. The only difference is that one of the candidates has completed a First Aid course, which candidate would you choose? Obviously the security guard with greater qualifications is a more employable candidate. The same would go for anyone having extra skills makes you more employable. Some businesses insurance requirements state that they need First Aid trained door supervisors because of the risks at their premises.

So what kind of things do you learn on a First Aid course? You will learn how to treat minor and major illnesses/injuries. You will learn how to deal with illnesses like asthma attacks, heart attacks and seizures. Do you know what position to put a person into if they are having a heart attack? It’s called the half sitting position. Do you know what action to take if a person is having a seizure? You will learn all of these things on a First Aid course with Security Works. The kind of injuries you will learn to treat will include cuts, burns, choking, head injuries, spinal injuries. Do you know what three things you must do if a person suffers from a major bleed? What do you do if a person starts choking? A lot of people know to put a person in the recovery position but if the patient has had a spinal injury how do you place someone in the recovery position without further damaging the spine? You will learn all of these things on a First Aid course with Security Works.

Here at Security Works we can equip you with the skills you need to save a life in an emergency. We teach First Aid for the security industry.


July 11, 2014

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