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What does a job in Security Involve?

Are you one of those people who think of security guards as people who spend all their time breaking up fights and being abused, does this put you off doing the job?

Actually the role of a Security Guard is varied and they work in many different environments, not just noisy nightclubs or crowded bars.

Once you’ve received your training and you’ve got your SIA licence, you can choose the area of security you prefer, whether that is in a retail centre, a hospital or in an office building. Have a look at the different places you can work and what you will have to do:

Retail Outlets

Shopping centres, superstores and individual shops employ security. Working in these environments means that you are dealing with all types of people and you should be able to communicate effectively with all age groups. One of your main duties will be to spot and apprehend shop lifters, which costs the retail trade millions of pounds a year in lost profits. You might also have to deal with customers who become aggressive with a member of staff or another member of the public.

Football Stadiums

For most of the fans watching their favourite team play is a favourite part of their week and it is another job that involves different age groups. Working at a stadium is a chance to hone your customer service skills, helping people find their way round the stadium, being polite and dealing with fans who have had too much to drink.

Film Sets

Film sets have security guards to protect the people involved in making a film from being pestered by the general public, who might want an autograph or a chat, but seem to forget that the actress or actors involved are working. Film sets are also rich pickings for thieves and therefore a security guard is expected to be vigilant around the equipment used on set and the personal belongings of the people involved in the film.  Another source of annoyance is the Paparazzi and it is the security guards job to ensure that the actors are able to retain their privacy without being photographed. A security guard will be expected to spot and escort any paparazzi off the premises.

Office Buildings

Terrorism is a worry for people working in office buildings nowadays, especially in big cities. Security guards are expected to look out for trespassers, objects left unattended and people behaving suspiciously.

Halls of Residence

At university halls of residence security guards check in students and ensure that trespassers can’t enter the building. They also provide help with any problems that the students might have. Many of the students have never lived away from home before and having a security guard on the premises will make them and their parents feel more secure.

Construction Sites

One of the most important parts of working on a construction site is ensuring that site regulations are kept because this effects site safety. Another aspect of the job is managing access to the site in order to prevent accidents or theft.


Hospitals use security guards in order to protect staff members from aggressive behaviour, protect patients and if necessary provide first aid, if a patient or a member of the public collapses and needs immediate assistance.

Clubs and Bars

Working in a pub or club there are times when you are going to have to deal with people who are fighting, that have had too much to drink, or are under the influence of, or possess drugs. You will need to use the conflict management skills you have been taught in training to keep others safe, break up fights, eject people from the premises and deal with people who might have brought drugs into the pub or club to sell, use themselves, or to give to vulnerable females in order to exploit them sexually.

Your SIA Licence gives you the choice of working in a vast variety of different environments and topping up your basic training with other courses such as a First Aid training programme, will mean that you have a wide number of skills to offer any future employer.

November 30, 2014

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