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Where to start

So you’ve seen security guards working at airports, retail stores and office buildings. You’ve seen door supervisors working at clubs, bars and football stadiums. You’ve decided that you would like to get involved and do a little bit of security work, whether it is full time work or just some part time extra income. Well to work in the security industry you must have an SIA licence, the way to get an SIA licence is to first complete some training and then apply to the SIA for the SIA licence. Once you have that you are ready to work. Here at Security Works we can provide you with the training you need to get into the security industry and start a rewarding career. With so many courses which one is the best for you?

Where to start? – Door Supervisor Course

The team at Security Works would always suggest to people that are looking at getting into the security industry that the best course to start with is the Door Supervisor course because it will allow you to work as a security guard almost anywhere. You could work as a security guard at a: Bar, Club, Hotel, Retail outlet, Hospital, Office, Stadium and many other places.

Once you have some experience in the industry you will be thinking about improving your career prospects and finding a better job. But what can you go on and do to achieve a better job?

CCTV Course

Having a CCTV licence will allow you to work with and monitor a CCTV camera system which oversees any public space. For example you may work in a shopping centre or an office block monitoring their CCTV looking out for crime. You may also work for a local authority monitoring all of the CCTV in a particular borough. This will give some variety from a job as a security guard. Jobs as a CCTV operator are typically better paid than jobs as a security guard and that is because of the extra responsibility and the greater watch you have over a particular premises.

First Aid

Whether you do a full three day First Aid course or a one day Emergency First Aid course you will learn life saving skills that all employers will find very valuable. Having this skill will make you more employable and mean that you are a more desirable candidate because you will know how to act in an emergency situation. If you choose to do a full 3 day First Aid at Work course you can even work as a dedicated first aider.

Close Protection

One of the most prestigious jobs in the security industry is close protection, popularly known as body guarding. With a close protection licence you can work as a bodyguard for celebrities, wealthy businessmen and other high profile people. You will be providing them with the protection they need while they go about their activities.

As you can see there are many paths to go down in the security industry, you can do many things with the right training. As your career progresses it is important that you continue to better yourself and your prospects by taking up new courses. Employers like to see a person that has invested in themselves by taking part in training and other activities which improve and build upon their knowledge. By taking up different courses you show that you are serious about and interested in your job.

To recap the best way to start in the security industry is to complete a Door Supervisor course but there is no real end you continue to improve your knowledge constantly throughout your career. There will always be changes in the industry and you will always have to change with them. At Security Works we provide all the courses you will need to progress within the security industry.

June 24, 2014

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