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Women in the security industry

Today’s security guard or door supervisor is part of a multicultural workforce which represents a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Now the security industry is also seeing more and more women attracted to the wide range of opportunities that working as a security guard brings.

The jobs in the security industry are almost as varied as any job in the country this is because so many different types of venue need some sort of security. It’s not just bars and clubs you can find yourself working in a: hotel, office, supermarket, bank, casino, construction site, a hospital and so many other places. All of these venues need a workforce that is representative of the people that use their business. This is a reason to hire female security, having a diverse security team is more welcoming than having a male dominated security team which can sometimes be intimidating.  Also many places like football stadiums and courts need women to search patrons. Men are not allowed to search women and so this means female security guards are needed to search female patrons. It makes a huge amount of sense for employers to take on female security, because by not considering females for work the security industry will miss out on half of the talent pool. Women can contribute a lot to the industry and can do a job equally well as a man. Working as a guard relies more on tact and good communication which can be used by a male or female guard.

There are more women in the security now than ever before but there is still a long way to go before things are completely equal. Many women are now joining the security industry as it shakes off its image of being an industry only for ‘tough guys’. Many large security companies are helping women as well by giving preference to female applicants of jobs. The reason for this is that the security companies are trying to balance out their security teams.

Many women have probably never considered a career in the security industry because of some of its negative stereotypes. However with more education the women can be made aware that there are no barriers to working in the security industry. Here at Security Works we believe in promoting work in the security industry so that people are aware that there is a huge variety of work in the security industry and that it is open to everyone.

To create gender diversity that will be beneficial to both sexes and to the security industry in general there needs to be a greater awareness of the options a career in the security industry offers. This can be done through training and education which Security Works will promote. This will help to ensure that the future of the security industry is more diverse and inclusive, setting a standard to other industries.

There have been many women that have trained here at Security Works and they have gone on to find jobs out in the security industry. Some work part time to supplement their incomes and others have forged full careers in the security inustry.

July 11, 2014

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